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Home Improvement Season is Here

Spring has sprung, and with that comes spring cleaning and the opportunity to create a fresh space to enjoy the warm weather. Outdoor remodeling projects can accomplish two important things for a homeowner – to improve the appearance of a home, and to raise its value. Choosing the right projects can be difficult, so we have gathered some of our favorite outdoor remodeling projects. At Slide Works, we’re passionate about helping our  clients explore outdoor remodeling ideas and we have unique insight into which sliding or folding door systems are best for your home improvement project. Here are a few of our favorites.

Paint Job

A fresh coat of paint on the outside of your home instantly improves the appearance, making your house look newer and improves curb-appeal. Before painting, be sure to clean up the exterior surface of your home, removing any dirt or mildew with either a power washer or a stiff bristle brush.  Tap protruding nail-heads down so they are even with the surface and be sure scrape off peeling or blisters and fill any cracks with putty in order to achieve a near flawless finish.


Landscaping won’t be as easy as the paint job, but the effort and investment of this home improvement will pay off in a big way. A well kept landscape speaks volumes about the whole property and how it is maintained. A landscaped front yard makes the first impression about your house to visitors, and investing in good landscaping will have a great impact. Spring is the perfect time to select new plants and flowers for your yard as well, and choosing the right foliage can provide an instant outdoor space transformation. Keep the local climate in mind and select landscaping elements that grow naturally in the area, so ongoing maintenance is a breeze.


With the patio, you have the option of taking the simple or extravagant route, depending on your budget and style. A simple patio with a wooden deck and beautiful sliding doors can serve many different purposes. A well constructed outdoor space with bi-folding doors can expand your indoor space. Imagine all that extra space when you are entertaining guests or hosting a party.

Doors and Windows

A complete overhaul of all your exterior doors and windows can give your house an instant face-lift. You can go with sliding patio doors and modern windows to give your home a futuristic look. Or, you can go with bi-fold doors and classic windows to give it a vintage look; it all depends on your personal style.


Putting in a new roof in your house is one of the most difficult outdoor remodeling tasks, but its importance will show itself in time. A new roof can weatherproof your house and a new layer of insulation will result in a decrease in your energy bills.

These are some of the most popular outdoor remodeling ideas which we have come across. So, browse through them and see which one will be perfect for your home. And don’t forget to call us (480-270-5635) when you need sliding or bi-fold door system ideas.

Best Indoor Remodeling Ideas

Interior remodeling ideas go in and out of fashion just like clothes or accessories. Every year brings its own set of unique indoor remodeling trends; some are New Age and revolutionary, while others are modern renditions of older trends. Slide Works deals with clients who are performing these remodels (contractors) or homeowners who are thinking about remodeling their house. So, we thought that we would take this opportunity to give our two cents on the topic of remodeling ideas, since we come across a lot of them.


This isn’t exactly a ‘remodel’ idea, but it will take some time to replace all your electricity outlets with U-sockets or USB Sockets. Take a second to think about it, how many electronic devices do you own which utilize USB chargers? Most handheld devices today come standard with USB chargers, so imagine the convenience U-sockets will offer.

No More Showers

The most interesting trend in indoor remodeling is the hatred of showers. A good number of homeowners are remodeling their bathrooms to exclude showers from them, and adding bathtubs instead.

Bringing the Outdoors In

Homeowners will never say no to the addition of some extra space in their house, but adding a room or constructing an outdoor space costs a lot of money. A more affordable option is to extend the indoor space to the outdoors with the installation of a multi-slide or bi-folding door system. We can offer you multiple sliding or folding door options for your home. If you add these doors to two sides of your house, or even just one, you can extend your interior living space and bring the outdoors inside.

Minimalistic Kitchens

Kitchens are a favorite remodel target for homeowners. New appliances, constructing an island, cabinets etc; any number of these things can be added or improved upon in the kitchen. The latest trend is to forgo the bulky cabinets and install shelves instead. You don’t have to fill up the whole kitchen space with cabinets; you can go with shelves in half or more of the space to give it a more open look.

Energy Efficiency

If doing your part for the environment is important to you, then adding energy efficient appliances and features to your home is exactly in your wheelhouse. Kitchen appliances and your heating/cooling systems are the biggest energy guzzlers. Replacing old appliances with new energy efficient ones and adding a high-tech thermostat will make your home more energy efficient.

You can also replace the windows on your glass with ones that offer better energy conservation. And replacing your old patio doors with new sliding doors with energy efficient glass will also be beneficial.

These are the indoor remodeling ideas that are trending right now. If one of them piques your interest, you should start making plans for it right now. And when you need sliding or folding doors, don’t forget to give us a call (480-270-5635).

Choosing the Perfect Sliding Door for Your Home

Sliding doors create an easy flow of traffic between your indoor and outdoor living spaces, while adding beauty and architectural interest to your home’s exterior.  Your exterior space can add a whole new “room” to your property, providing additional square footage and setting the stage for entertaining, relaxing, and even cooking and dining outdoors. Here are a couple of questions that will help you choose the right exterior door for your home or business.

What type of door finish do I prefer?

There are a variety of options for door finishes – whether you are partial the appearance of wood, or if you have a specific color in mind – sliding doors are available in a variety of finishes and can be designed to match your decor.

Aluminum is a strong and lightweight, and is also a cost effective wood alternative. It resists corrosion, and performs well in most climates.

Vinyl is a strong material that is most popular for its durability and energy efficiency.  This material will never fade, flake, peel or rot.

Wood doors are available from a variety of species, such as fir, pine, mahogany or alder. Each has a range of characteristics, including grain, color and sap content, which provides such a unique appearance.

Wood clad is similar to a coat of armor – a strong layer of metal on top of the wood.  Color matched prior to installation, clad wood provides extra protection, keeps maintenance requirements low, and doesn’t require painting.

What kind of space do I have for the door?

A multi-slide door (telescoping door) has panels that neatly stack together when the door is open, requiring very little space around the door.  This option does requiring a slightly thicker track to accommodate the tracks that are required for each panel. This option is least conspicuous and offers the largest opening possible – since the panels fold up and disappear into the wall.

A lift & slide door has a single track that each panel uses until the panels reach the sides, and then multiple tracks begin.  Can use a staggered sill for a set-in style that is flush with your floor.  This style of door also has an option for a weatherproof sill for use in harsh conditions. This option is least conspicuous and offers the largest opening possible – since the panels fold up and disappear into the wall.

Bi-fold doors fold smoothly to one side, but require several inches on either side of the track to allow for the folding panels.  This option also has a service panel, which opens and shuts like a traditional door panel to make for quick and easy entry when the door is fully closed.

What about energy efficiency?

There are many sliding door options that boost energy efficiency. Double-layered glass and foam insulated panels offer protection against heat loss in the winter and maintain cooler indoor temperatures in the summer. There are also a variety energy efficient glass options that are specific to the climate you live in.


Other Important Questions

Here are a few other important questions to consider as you plan for the design of your beautiful indoor/outdoor space:

  • What size door do I need?
  • What is the size of the rough opening?
  • What’s my budget for the door?
  • How will I finance the purchase?

For more information about incorporating sliding door systems in to your home or business, call us at 480-270-5635, or email

6 Reasons You Need Bi-Folding Doors In Your Home

Gone are the days of simple swinging patio doors or your basic slide patio doors, new technology and latest production processes have brought the bi-fold doors within reach of everyone. So, if you are thinking about indoor or outdoor remodeling, then you should keep bi-fold doors in mind. By simply installing bi-fold exterior doors, you can completely change the look of your entire house. You can buy expertly designed and crafted bi-fold doors from Slide Works and have them delivered anywhere in the US and Canada.

Advantages of Bi-fold Doors

  1. Bring the Outside, Inside: The biggest and most convenient advantage of bi-fold doors is that they allow you to bring the outdoors, inside. The trend of constructing outdoor living spaces is at the height of its popularity right now. But why spend a good chunk of your remodeling budget constructing an outdoor living area, when you can install bi-fold doors and connect your existing living room to the outdoors?
  2. Easy Installation: Bi-folding patio doors are extremely easy to install, they can be folded down and delivered to the location.
  3. Instant Home Improvement: No other installation or remodel can have a better impact on the outlook of your home than bi-fold doors.
  4. Flexibility of Use: Depending on the bi-fold door’s configuration, you can slide them completely to the side and open up your interior to the outdoor space, or simply open one section to let some natural light into your home.
  5. Maintenance Free: Most bi-folding exterior doors run on free glide systems, which is maintenance free. So, no matter how much a door is used, it will remain smooth and easy to use.
  6. Multiple Design Options: You can purchase bi-fold doors according to your house’s existing style or go with a unique design. There is a world of possibilities as far as the design of bi-fold doors is concerned.

Now that you know about the exceptional benefits that bi-fold doors can offer, you should call Slide Works and register your order today. Just provide the company representative with your specifications and they will help you choose the right configurations for your bi-fold patio doors.
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