Home Improvement Season is Here


Spring has sprung, and with that comes spring cleaning and the opportunity to create a fresh space to enjoy the warm weather. Outdoor remodeling projects can accomplish two important things for a homeowner – to improve the appearance of a home, and to raise its value. Choosing the right projects can be difficult, so we have gathered some of our favorite outdoor remodeling projects. At Slide Works, we’re passionate about helping our  clients explore outdoor remodeling ideas and we have unique insight into which sliding or folding door systems are best for your home improvement project. Here are a few of our favorites.

Paint Job

A fresh coat of paint on the outside of your home instantly improves the appearance, making your house look newer and improves curb-appeal. Before painting, be sure to clean up the exterior surface of your home, removing any dirt or mildew with either a power washer or a stiff bristle brush.  Tap protruding nail-heads down so they are even with the surface and be sure scrape off peeling or blisters and fill any cracks with putty in order to achieve a near flawless finish.


Landscaping won’t be as easy as the paint job, but the effort and investment of this home improvement will pay off in a big way. A well kept landscape speaks volumes about the whole property and how it is maintained. A landscaped front yard makes the first impression about your house to visitors, and investing in good landscaping will have a great impact. Spring is the perfect time to select new plants and flowers for your yard as well, and choosing the right foliage can provide an instant outdoor space transformation. Keep the local climate in mind and select landscaping elements that grow naturally in the area, so ongoing maintenance is a breeze.


With the patio, you have the option of taking the simple or extravagant route, depending on your budget and style. A simple patio with a wooden deck and beautiful sliding doors can serve many different purposes. A well constructed outdoor space with bi-folding doors can expand your indoor space. Imagine all that extra space when you are entertaining guests or hosting a party.

Doors and Windows

A complete overhaul of all your exterior doors and windows can give your house an instant face-lift. You can go with sliding patio doors and modern windows to give your home a futuristic look. Or, you can go with bi-fold doors and classic windows to give it a vintage look; it all depends on your personal style.


Putting in a new roof in your house is one of the most difficult outdoor remodeling tasks, but its importance will show itself in time. A new roof can weatherproof your house and a new layer of insulation will result in a decrease in your energy bills.

These are some of the most popular outdoor remodeling ideas which we have come across. So, browse through them and see which one will be perfect for your home. And don’t forget to call us (480-270-5635) when you need sliding or bi-fold door system ideas.

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