Architects & Designers

Slide Works Inc. is a market leader in sliding door frames, innovative track systems and related components. With cumulative experience of more than 60 years in the field, we are dedicated to providing world-class solutions specific to your clients’ needs. Our engineers have designed a revolutionary and unique patent pending component and track system for sliding doors.

Slide Works has a system solution for every type of interior and exterior sliding door system. We provide quality assurance for each of our track systems and related components to ensure superior quality for any kind of weather conditions. We maintain quality control measures in every part of the fabrication process, including a 40-foot testing rack to check every door system designed by the company.

It’s not just the superior quality and high-level engineering technique that make Slide Works a preferred brand among architects and designers. Every frame and track we manufacture has an excellent performance rating making Slide Works a favorite among designers and architects. A variety of finish and lever style options are available, rendering it an ideal option for many designers.

Slide Works has designed three types of frame designs: bi-fold, lift-slide, and multi-slide systems. All systems are configurable, allowing architects and designers to order the frames specific to their requirements.