Frequently Asked Questions


Slide Works welcomes your inquiries. We have provided answers to the most commonly asked questions. Please contact us if you need further information about our door frame and track systems at 480.270.5635 or email us at




Why should I choose Slide Works? 

Slide Works sets itself apart from the competition through continuous product innovation and excellence in responsive and proactive customer service. We design and engineer our products in-house, which means faster lead and delivery time. Our fabrication safeguards ensure that every order is sent out right the first time. In addition, we can provide a specially fitted door automation system to your door before shipping it to you.


Which Slide Works door system is right for me?

Slide Works offers three door designs, Bi-Fold, Multi-Slide and Lift-Slide. Choosing the right frame or panel will depend on your personal style and budget. We’re here to help guide you through it. Please contact us at 480-270-5635 or

Bi-Fold (In-swing and Out-swing)

When space is at a premium, an in-swing or out-swing Bi-Fold door system is the right option! Panels effortlessly stack to the left or right side of the door creating the perfect opening for indoor/outdoor living.


The Multi-Slide door is a versatile system that allows for expansive openings at a competitive price point. Systems can be ordered as stacking or pocketing with a virtually unlimited amount of configurations available. Imagine at your own risk!


A Lift-Slide is the ultimate specialty door system when it comes to weather performance. Wind, water and dust do not stand a chance against this weather-sealed system for when you need it most! Perfect for those beautiful views that receive direct weather exposure.


What is the warranty for my Slide Works system?

Each sliding door system assembled by Slide Works shall meet or exceed industry standards and be free from defect for a period of 10 years from original date of shipment. For additional information, please see our warranty information here. (link to the warranty page).


Are the Slide Works door systems tested and weather resistant?

Slide Works offers anodized and mill finished aluminum frame components for structural integrity and long-lasting durability. Our frames have the option to be thermally broken to prevent the transfer of hot/cold air from the exterior.


Can you customize Slide Works frames on any size doors? And how big can you make them?

Bi-Fold and Multi-Slide doors can be customized to almost any size panel, so long as it is either 1¾” or 2¼” thick. Lift-Slide doors can also be customized to any sized panel, however the panel must be 2¼” thick.


What does the Slide Works frame system include?

Frame systems generally include (1) head track, (1) sill track & (2) side jambs. Weather stripping is added for increased weather performance on all of our products. When applicable, frames are painted to match any exterior clad color while the interior of the frame is finished with wood trim matching the wood interior of the door panel.


Are there a variety of materials available?

Specialty door systems provided by Slide Works have customizable options such as exterior color, interior wood species, handle styles and finishes & the configuration desired. Trim pieces such as our exterior stucco nosing and interior wood trim may be left off the frame by request.


What are the handle options available on the Slide Work frame systems?

It will depend on the system you choose.

Flush Handle (MS) – recessed handle allowing the active panel so slide evenly with a secondary panel, which in turn, allows the active panel to fully pocket on a pocketing multi-slide system.

Removable Handle (LS) detachable lever handle allowing lift-slide panels to disappear completely in a pocketing system.

Finger Grip (LS) – recessed handle found on all lift-slide systems not requiring a keyed cylinder. Allows active panel to slide adjacent to a secondary panel.


How do the Slide Works frame/door systems lock? 

This greatly depends on the system and configuration ordered by the customer. Feel free to contact us with the system you are looking to order and we will gladly explain where you can expect your locking hardware to be, and most importantly, how it will operate!


Do the Slide Works folding doors both outswing and inswing?

YES! Bi-Fold doors can be ordered as outswing or inswing, as well as straight or 90 degree corner systems.




How do I get a Slide Works frame and track system?  

It’s easy! Call our sales line and we will walk you through the ordering process.


How do I get a quote and place an order?

We look forward to talking to you about our products! Call our sales line and we will walk you through the ordering process.


How long does it take to get a frame/track system on a door?

Wood/Clad system: 2-3 weeks from when panels are received (Aluminum/Fiberglass option here?)


How do I know what size of a door and frame/track system I need?

Call our sales team to receive all the dimensions required for your door system.




How are the Slide Works frames/doors crated and delivered?

We test every door system that goes through our facility in a 40-foot long testing rack and then break down the frame for shipping. Frame components are packaged with foam and plastic wrap and shipped in a crate. Panels are palletized for forklift loading/unloading, and separated by foam inserts for damage prevention.


Who can install a Slide Works frame system?

From the very early stages of conceptualization, Slide Works’ frames were designed with ease of installation in mind. No longer will your installation crew receive bundles of track! Frames come fully assembled in lineal tracks (head track, sill track and side jambs) fully prepped to receive panels and hardware. Slide Works offers a free installation training course at our facilities in Tempe, AZ, where install crews can become certified to install our door systems.


What kind of adjustments can be made after the doors have been installed?

Lift-SlideNo panel adjustment is possible with Lift-Slide doors.

Multi-SlideAdjustments can be made at the bottom of each panel at the wheels using a Phillips head screwdriver. The panel will raise and lower with each turn of the screw.

Bi-Fold (In-swing and Out-swing)The operational hardware can be adjusted on Bi-Fold doors to raise and lower the panel.


Can I add automation at a later date?

Absolutely! Let us know in advance if there is a chance automation may be added to the Multi-Slide door down the road.