Slide Works Inc. is one of the most preferred brands of sliding door systems among dealers. Our quality products and services are our number one priority. Through rigorous testing, creative thinking and thorough analysis of customer feedback, we continually focus on opportunities to innovate and enhance our products.

Slide Works specializes in manufacturing frames and track systems for sliding doors. The sound technology and unique frame and component system works on all types of panel systems.

All the products manufactured under the brand name of Slide Works Inc. are quality assured. We also ensure safe and easy installation of our units. The availability of three types of frame and components systems: bi-fold, multi-slide and lift-slide make it easier, convenient and profitable for which to choose. Dealers can serve their customers fast and efficiently.

Your customers can order from a variety of finish options for lever, escutcheon plates and panel locking hardware, making it easier for them to maintain the theme style of their home interiors and exteriors. Every unit manufactured at Slide Works allows the removal of the pocket closer from the interior, which makes it safer for the consumer. Safety standards combined with impeccable quality and customization options, make the frame and component system of Slide Works a favorite among dealers.

Ordering is easy! All that is needed are measurements for the frame, the type of unit required and specifications about any configuration requirements. Dealers can stock their inventory with standard sized pre-made frames to boost their sales and client satisfaction. In addition, dealers can order “Private Label” in cases of special requirements.